Success Stories

Dr. Samir Iqbal has coached all these students whose success stories we have mentioned below.

Elevator Pitch Competitions

Maryam Alam won the Grand Prize with a business idea focused on an early cancer screening procedure. She is now at McGovern Medical School - UTHealth.

STEM Competitions

Samir, Adeel ,and Mohammad won the Second Prize at the E-Week Student Challenge for their "Blood/Urine Test for Early Cancer Detection” system. Sajid is now at UIW School of Osteopathic Medicine. Samir is Operations Manager at BNSF.

STEM Art and Design

Diane designed concept graphics that was selected for the Cover of a top Physics Journal. She is now a grad student at Yale.

Patents and Publications

Umair and Mohammad were co-inventors on a patent and co-authors on several papers. Umair is a Cardiology Clinical Extern in Detroit, and Mohammad is running his own company.

Nanotech Automation

Raza invented automated data handling and analytics for nanotechnology. He went on to Purdue for Ph.D. and now works with a company developing artificial intelligence applications.

Network of Excellence

Many of our ex-students have got Einstein visa. They are at the top institutions and companies of the world. This network of excellence is alive and ready to contact us to the front of the STEM advancements.