STEMatters Parents Feedback

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Dr. Samir Iqbal and the entire team at STEMatters.

Your STEM outreach program has given many of our youth - both middle and high schoolers - a renewed interest in STEM-based learning.

The program’s ability to showcase STEM via boot camps, prepping youth for local and international competitions, and hosting webinars with renowned scientists and researchers in various STEM fields breed excitement for the subjects, which is precisely what today’s students need: excitement for STEM!

Looking forward to many success stories shortly, God Willing.


I really appreciate the effort taken by the instructors and volunteers. This program in theory and structure is very benificial for my girls and I am happy with it.


STEMatters has been a great experience for our son, Sharjeel. I asked him about the program. He said the program has a good structure; Dr. Samir Iqbal has been a great teacher who has provided opportunities, preparing us for competition and giving attention. Without him, we wouldn’t have passed the first stage of the Conrad Challenge (www.conradchallenge.org).

Sharjeel has made great friends who meet up regularly to collaborate and challenge each other to push forward the project. Through the project, they learn about the application of medical science, technology, and business principles. They are learning to connect the dots, and this program is preparing students for a leadership position. If they carry on for 2-4 years, they will develop a broader vision around the challenges and opportunities presented to them. As a result, regardless of what profession they pursue, they will get themselves into positions to make significant contributions. Thank you, team STEMatters!


STEMatters Students Feedback

I am a high school junior in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I just attended your STEMatters presentation. It was excellent and super informative. I wish I had discovered the organization earlier and participated in your summer and fall programs. I am interested in enrolling in the Spring 2021 program. I have already filled out the Google Form for it.